Introducing The Ascension

Hey Minestrone Readers!

I want to highlight a brilliant new book by Tim Chester and Jonny Woodrow on the doctrine of the Ascension. The book is concise, accessible, and dripping with rich, biblical theology. Best of all , it is the kind of book that leads you straight to the waters of worship because the authors are magnifying Jesus through an oft-forgotten doctrine. I have repeatedly found myself saying, “Bless you, Lord Jesus” as I’ve sat in awe of both his authorship and workmanship of our Faith. I hope you will, too.

Here is a post from Tim’s blog which includes a video interview describing what the Ascension is all about and why they are writing this series.

Sandy and I have had the wonderful privilege of hosting both Tim and Jonny in our home this last month and their families on various other occasions. These brothers are our dear friends and Gospel partners. And we are grateful for their encouragement, prayers, teaching, and care for us at Serenissima Ministries for the mission in south-central Europe.


disclaimer: I do not receive any commission or incentive for promoting their book (apart from an occasional supply of English Tea and chutney which compliments the Italian cucina “quite nicely”).

Tim Chester

Here are Jonny and I introducing our book, The Ascension: Humanity in the Presence of God …

The Ascension is available in the UK (at 25% off) from and in the US (from 1 May) from

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