Re-membering One Another

Space and time do not separate or destroy the body of Christ. In fact, a treasure of being a part of the Kingdom-family is that Heaven will be the final reunification of all believers, for all time with Jesus

Therefore, our gospel meetings in groups large and small are enactments (signposts, if you will) of that future, promised day. We must not also forget that in the present, our meetings contain a taste of that future and a sight of that power within them. 

With that said, our meetings together help us re-member one another and re-orient each other toward our heavenly objective. We repeat and re-member who we are; a people hosted by the King in a world in which he had to die to make us his guests. We are his Heaven and his light, conquering the darkness before the final day when darkness will be no more. We are an altogether different people. We have to re-member this truth.

This is why our welcoming of each other is so important (Romans 15:7). We are making a Kingdom-declaration with those who are near and a Kingdom-connection with those who are far.  Even when brethren are separated by distance, persecution, or illness they are re-membered through prayer and a few who will go to them on behalf of everyone.

This helps us understand how Paul felt when he said that we belong to one another (Romans 12:5). Re-membering is active belonging. Re-membering also tells us who we are (a Gospel-people) and who we are not (a disconnected individual unto myself) at the same time. Let us actively re-member one another.



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